49 Seater Coach Hire

49 Seater Coach Hire Lincoln 

For large groups, we offer a 49-seater coach hire is equipped with air conditioning, comfortable seating, adequate luggage space, and onboard entertainment to keep the groups relaxed and amused on those longer trips.
When your mid-sized group requires a vehicle to move around Lincoln and the surrounding areas, our 49-seater coach hire is always the best option. All our vehicles are new, and not more than six years old. These vehicles come fitted with all the latest accessories and features, guaranteeing a safe and hassle-free ride. We offer the required support to make it happen.

We make sure all our vehicles are well maintained and checked extensively before the start of every trip. Our drivers receive extensive training in the vehicles they drive, and are also aware of all the features and accessories available in the vehicle. Very often, tour groups have been left short charged as the drivers simply didn’t know how to operate features available in the vehicles. When you opt for coach hire Lincoln from us, such a situation will never come to pass.

Our customer support team, working round the clock, also ensures all the special requests you have made are catered to during the trip.

Minibus Hire prices

The pricing of any minibus hire is a function of various input costs, such as fuel cost, driver's wags, a component of the vehicle depreciation, maintenance and cleaning costs, administrative costs, and more. With our business strategy of disposing old vehicles within six years, and replacing it with newer models, we are always assured of highly efficient vehicles that deliver high mileage, comply with the latest environment and safety standards, and require very little maintenance

. As such, we enjoy very low operating costs. Furthermore, we invest in training our drivers, making sure they drive at optimal speed, and remain fully committed to their jobs. This ensures high productivity. We pass on the gains to our customers, meaning we offer the lowest per-kilometre rate in town

Generally, large vehicles face some limitations such as poor maneuverability and delays in getting across to a destination. However, with our coach hire ion Lincoln,. Such drawbacks are reduced to the minimum. We deploy skilled and experienced drivers, who have received extensive training in large vehicles and know how to handle the vehicle in the best possible manner. The vehicles themselves come fitted with all comfort and safety features. Powerful air-conditioning with individual air conditioning vents for each seat, overhead LED reading lamp, ample leg space, leather upholstery for seats, reclining seats, the latest music system, and more are some of the standard features your group gets to enjoy when opting for coach hire Lincoln.

The 49-seater coach is the largest vehicle in our fleet and offers some distinct advantages not available with other vehicles. As economies of scale go, the larger the vehicle, the lesser the per-capita cost. Transporting a group from one point to another involves a certain amount of fixed cost and a certain component of variable cost. Fixed costs, such as drivers' wages remain constant regardless of the size of the group. Larger the group, the lesser the per-head costs. What this means is that our 49-seater coach hires Lincoln offers the cheapest way to travel in large groups.

49 Seater Coach Hire Lincoln

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